Welcome to PricePaladin

PUBLISHED ON 2019-01-28

Here we are presenting PricePaladin, the new companion in price monitoring and tracking

Welcome to PricePaladin

Hello everybody, let me introduce PricePaladin, the new price tracking and monitoring tool.

What is it

PricePaladin is a powerful price tracker and monitor. This means you can use it to track price changes with great ease of use for online products.
It is a great tool whether you are a business owner or a smart online buyer and it's very easy to use.

How it works

From the dashboard you can add products in 3 simple steps:

  1. set the product's web page
  2. select the price field
  3. provide monitoring rate (daily, hourly and so on…)

That's all!

PricePaladin will monitor the page you provided at the choosen rate and will collect historical prices data that you can retrieve from the settings page, export them so you can perform analysis and also setup price alerts via email.
When you set a price alert, you set a threshold price and a comparison condition like "when price is less than X then email me" so you can be promptly notified for any price change. PricePaladin won't spam your email, it will notify you of price changes no more that once per hour.

PricePaladin gives you great advantages: you should use it

Are you a business entity and own an ecommerce? Then you should use PricePaladin to track and monitor competitors' prices and available suppliers' offers (do you know that 80% of online shoppers compare products prices before purchase?).
Are you a smart buyer? Then you should use PricePaladin to monitor best deals for the products you love.

Business owners Price tracking and monitoring gives you a great advantage when it comes to business owners. Since 80% of online shoppers (but another great number of people comes from retail shoppers that compare retail prices with online ones) compare different websites before purchasing, it is extremely important to be notified about competitor prices so you can set a competitive price strategy.
You can also use price tracking to monitor supplier prices and choose the ones that are the most convenient. This is a great opportunity for any business owner even if you have a brick and mortar shop.

Smart buyers

If you are a consumer and want to buy a product today you have a great variety of opportunities. You can use PricePaladin to track a product through different online stores and be notified when the price drop to a great price. Try to imagine how many time you have to spend manually checking prices on different sites hoping to find the best moment to buy a product.

Help PricePaladin grow

PricePaladin has already a strong foundation but it is also a very young project ready to adapt to any market need so we at PricePaladin are really open to any suggestions!
Please let us know everything you wish to let us know and suggest us new improvements and features! Drop a line at support@pricepaladin.com or contact us via our contact form.